I've been interested in the new Michael Kelly Patriot Enlightened guitar since first hearing about it back in March. It came out in June, 2017 but I have yet to find a dealer in my area (or Atlanta) that carries it. It's a single cut away LP style that weighs 6 pounds. Anyone have experience with this guitar or even found any reviews of it (besides the Harmony Central review linked on the MK website). The very little bit about any Michael Kelly guitars I have come across seem to be pretty positive - I'm just reluctant to plop down $600 for a guitar I've heard so little about. Thanks. 
Never played one or seen one in person, but I took a look at their website.  That finish looks beautiful and I like the shape!!  Specs seem right on, and at $579 and free shipping, and no sales tax depending on where you live, it sounds like a bargain!

I kinda like the Patriot Instinct Bold better, in the scorched color.  Its 30% heavier, but I kinda like that, but its just my preference. 

I just checked reverb, there is a brand new Enlightened for $499 and free shipping.  

You should definitely buy one and tell me how it is!
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