Got a Hondo II Strat copy from a friend. It seen better days but works and is only missing one string (getting that fixed soon)
I don't know much about them, did I find a gold mine or a lump of coal.
Not really, late 80s would be my best guess. I know my friend bought it in 97 at a pawn shop. No serial number to check it.

EDIT/ Called my friend he said he traced the number a while back and it was made in 93. In Korea
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they made copy guitars in the 80's.  t thought they were pretty cool at the time.  it could be worth $200-$1000, depending on the condition and the buyer.  my opinion is that its worth cleaning up, but probably not sinking a lot of money into.  i wouldnt butcher it though, it had some significance during the 80's.
Well I dont own a guitar Over $400 so it will fit in nicely. Lol

*Looks at Fender and Gibson posters*
One day.....lol
Hondo was sort of like the First Act of its day as far as my research can show. In other words lots of entry level knockoffs and some really high-end gems. It would depend on what specific model your guitar is which camp it falls into.