I've just been looking at a number of new pedals, some of which have eight (!) knobs.

One had 17 LEDs, another had six miniswitches.

These are pedals designed to do ONE main job, not multiFX.

Premier Guitar has a number of these in their pedal roundup, and I'm just curious how useful you think these really are? What happens if you've got one pet sound for one song and another for a second song that requires changing nearly everything? Are you down on your hands and knees with a flashlight? Do you need to have a journal handy to make all the changes? Can you really tell, at a glance, where you're set on a dark stage, looking at a pedalboard full of glowing LEDs? Do you see these as practical for live work, or are they mostly best for recording or messing around at home?


Are these things getting out of hand?

What would you buy?
Different tools for different needs. If you want adjustability then get a pedal with many knobs. If you don't want adjustability then get a pedal with few knobs.

If you like the tone of the multi-knob pedal, but are a set-and-forget type person then lock the knobs in place with tape or rubber washers.
For me personally, yeah, I don't need most of that. But I'm not that big of an effects user and I tend to use pretty basic settings that can be achieved with a few knobs- as 8Len8 said, if other people need them, that's absolutely fair enough. I like having the choice.
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If it gets me the sound I want and like, I don't care how many knobs and toggles and LED's it has, to be honest. If it can do what I want with only the on-off switch, by all means I'm game, but in most cases I like to have as much control as possible.
I have some pedals that are fairly complex- like the Pigtronix Mothership- and others that are quite simple, like the Ohnoho Chk Chk Boom. Just like the variety of knives and pans in my kitchen, each serves a purpose.

Is it possible to get lost in the forest of options the multi-knobbers have? Sure. But I can always take photos of the settings I like and want to remember.
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I've found it takes a lot of self-discipline with things like that, as there is a strong temptation to spend more time fiddling with them than playing. I've given up on digital mulitFX for that reason, and my pedals now tend to stay at one setting regardless of the number of knobs. - But my needs are fairly simple.
Welcome to the 21st century. Pedals are very versatile today and cover a wide range. The more you can expand your market the more you can sell. Provided you do it well of course. Not to mention people have gotten so use to volume and tone controls on a pedal they may not sell well without them.
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I generally like having tons of knobs on my pedals. I don't use many effects, but the few that I do use, I want to have as much control/customization as possible.
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