Hey all!  I'm fairly new to the world of IRs and am trying to figure out the ideal way to DI for use with impulses.

I know I can certainly just DI from my FX loop send to my audio interface, but then I'm missing out on the power amp.  What I'd ideally like to capture is the unaltered signal from my amp's speaker out.  I know there are dummy loadboxes that will do it, however running to a cab and making noise isn't an issue for me (the wife might disagree).  It seems as though a product like the H&K redbox 5 might fit the bill pretty nicely as it's essentially a Y cable between amp and cab.  However I know the redbox serves as a speaker emulator and will likely color the sound I'm sending to my interface and may not play nicely with the IRs I apply.  Is there a way to disable the emulation, or are there other products or techniques I should consider?  Hopefully I explained that somewhat coherently.