tomlarboni1  I Talked to Lucas on Facebook and he said he "might" release a tab book for the new album

But if they don't, i hope some people take the time to tab out the new songs, even though they are crazy hard to tab out,
I would'nt be surprised if a tab of Paralell Shift, shows up in the future, seeing as it's one of the more chuggy songs on the album, Inadequate
was also alot like that, so no surprise it got tabbed out first, but this song is crazy fast, so it will probably take alot more time to tab out. But i'm sure
it's not impossible to do.

They use Drop E, A Tuning on 8-strings BTW. E-A-E-A-D-G-B-E
Yeah i hope they release a tab book but for now i find a cover on youtube so i will try to learn the song from it.