Whats up UG'ers! 

A friend of mine and I have started making midi drum grooves. 
We're putting out a couple of free ones to see if you guys like them
and just to get some general feedback on what can be improved. 
These are made for Steven Slate Drums (SSD 4) software. 

The midi was captured using a Roland TD11. The tempos we recorded
the grooves at are mentioned in the file name, but of course thats not 
the tempo you must use them at, they can be varied according to need. 

These were monitored using Slate Drums, SSD 4
so they sound best with that, of course they can be used with Superior
Drummer or BFD, Addictive Drums etc etc, but the mapping would 
need to change accordingly (something which I can take care of 
and put out a revised version of if you guys actually like these )

We have some rock beats, some pop punk beats and some metal beats in there
in the next pack, I'll include some fills with them!

Here are some samples of the grooves run through SSD 

and here's the link to the midi files:

Looking forward to hearing your comments! 
Also any suggestions on what to improve and what you would like 
in drum grooves in general would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you! 
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