i'm thinking to buy the "How To Become A Lyric Writing Machine" course on Udemy.
Does anyone here have any experience or done that course already and knows if it is worth the money??

Hey Matt,

I would try it out personally because it's at a great price. Pay attention to the target audience the seller is aiming for. If this applies to you, I would recommend buying it.

I would only use PayPal and if you don't like the course, I would ask for a refund, or if you don't get what is promised in the course, I would contact PayPal and ask them to help you get your money back.

Overall it seems worth the money. This coming from someone who has bought multiple online courses on different topics. 

Go ahead and try it!
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Matt_Hornstein Hey Matt, if you find the course useful let us know!

Hi GlamrockSam!
I just finished the course. First make sure to get a discount on udemy. I got the course for 15€ since i found 100€ would be a lot...
I like it. The course explains how you get yourself into the "writing mode" and how you can come up to get more creative. So if you are beginning to write songs and you have no clue where to start, there is a lot of valueble informations in there and definitively worth a try for 15€!