I purchased my first bass guitar and wondered what strings would be the best to buy for it. It's Ibanez sr 1005 ewn and I use BDGCF tuning. I wondered what would be the best string size for a particular scale of  this bass and tuning. I've had good experience with Elixir strings. But  are they good price/(what you get) in case of bass too?

Thanks in advance!
Kalium strings.  Custom gauges for custom tunings.
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my go-to is always DR hi-beams. there are other brands for other purposes, but as far as something keeping its brightness and being a catch-all for most basses, i really haven't had a bad experience with them
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Stuck on Elixers here.

I loved the tone of the bass at the shop, so I stay with the strings
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I was a DR guy for about 2 decades. They made good strings and their customer service was always stellar. However, their qc seems to have gone downhill. I had several sets in a row that a string broke within a week or two. I've switched to Elixrs and love them. A heavier gage is better suited to lower tunings. Scale length also affects the low B.