This week, a buddy of mine came down and tried to sell his farily new Charvel Joe Duplantier San Dimas to me.
He couldnt get used to the telecaster shape of the guitar. Now, I've been looking for a humbucker telecaster for a long time and money always is a bit of a problem. 

So before i give my final answer i wanted to be sure of one thing. I have been putting EMG's (81/85/60) in all my guitars since I fell in love with them 10 years ago. I have a fresh set of EMG's 81/60 on the shelf. But here comes the thing im a but confused about. The Charvel is designed without a tonepot and since the emg's are solderless i dont know if it will work if I just leave the tonepot out of the whole guitar. I always set the tonepot to 10 on all my guitars and I never even touch any of the pots on any of my guitars. In that case I dont need the tonepot at all. 

The main question is pertty easy: CAN i just leave the tonepot out, and if so, will the  wiring act as set to tonepot to 10 or to 0?
The capacitor that makes the tone control function the way it does is a passive electronic device. This means that it is only able to subtract frequencies. Therefore a passive device cannot add frequencies back into the signal that are not already there. To state that turning the tone pot up to 10 gives the signal more treble would be false. What is actually happening is the tone control is subtracting less highs. This means that because tone controls on guitars only function subtractively, turning the tone control to 10 means that the capacitor is doing practically nothing to the signal at all. It's the theoretical equivalent of the guitar having no tone control.

With this in mind, ask yourself how the signal without the tone cap can sound like the tone control set to 0 if there is no tone cap in the first place.

I am sure there are wiring diagrams on EMG's site that will tell you how to wire the pickups without a tone control. Its just a matter of googling it.
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T00DEEPBLUE so if I understand it correclty, with the tonepot full open, its almost(!) the same as having no pot at all?

Ive searched the pages for a few days now, Ive only came across a few older diagrams. Diagrams from back in the time you needed to solder the EMG's. On their site they only put a top 10 of most used diagrams.

Might give that one another go.
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