I really question the friend part in their name, but to the point. Has anybody heard of them withholding poor reviews of products where the bulk of the negative comments are in relation to them MF, not the equipment per se. I had a terrible experience with them recently and posted a review almost 2 weeks ago. Still not there where people can see it and to be honest I don't really think it ever will be.
They own the website so they obviously have complete control over it. It's hard to know whether they actually instil biased administration like that, but I'd say it's pretty likely. If you want to complain about a company then doing it on their website can potentially be a waste of time since they have physical access to whatever you write and can delete it. It'd be better just to leave negative reviews at a 3rd party website/company if you're that salty about it.

Having said that, I bought a guitar from them once when I was a teenager and it went very smoothly. The shipping was great.

What was your negative experience with them?
I use Musicians Friend a lot and have for many years. I post reviews pretty often and they post them even when they are not positive. Did you possibly use any derogatory language or write it in a way that didn't focus on the product directly or offer any specific or useful information regarding the product? I can't say why they didn't post your review but as stated above, they own the site and they don't guarantee they will post every review. 
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ya what was the negative experience...
they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy...dunno how you can have a bad experience.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer
I've seen a lot of negative reviews on the site as well as third party. It's sort of curious because 9 times out of 10 it's a gripe with a product and not the company itself.  Even if you're wholly disappointed with the product they have one of the best return policies in terms of online storefront.  This said it doesn't mean they are without faults - so I'm curious to hear your story.

More interesting is how you're more hellbent on exposing your story, yet you haven't offered it.  Of course MF is going to selectively filter its negative reviews.  But to be honest, in terms of products they like negative reviews because it gives them negotiating power with the brand reps that try to push them into carrying products or particular quantities of products.  IE: brand rep guy "why aren't you pushing our demon killer blaster lazer guitar" MF guy "maybe we will when you're able to supply a guitar that has working electronics, we aren't going to push a brand that has more negative reviews than positive one."  This is business 101, and negative reviews actually empower a company like Musicians Friend to develop a strong quality-control culture as well as respect within the musician community.  

On the other hand, if your post was in the vain of "i'm really effing pissed about this one part and Musicians Friend said I had to send it back, but all I wanted to do was have them fix it, they effing suck!"  Yeah that's probably not going to get published because it isn't a productive review.  Your frustration tells me, whether or not you have a valid story, that maybe your review wasn't productive.  And if you say you aren't frustrated, well, I've never checked 2 weeks later to see if my review was published.  
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Quote by AcousticMirror
ya what was the negative experience...
they have a 14 day no questions asked return policy...dunno how you can have a bad experience.

From looking on the website just now, 45 days, 10 if its for a guitar priced $1,999.00 or above.  
"I definitely don’t write all my music in a blackout, like I used to, although I did come up with some good stuff in a blackout."
-Matt Fucking Pike
Product reviews aren't really the place to complain about MF as a whole. There are better places for that, starting with the company itself. Have you told them about your experience?

In 2000, Guitar Center purchased mail order and Internet retail house Musician's Friend[28] for $50 million, asserting that the merged company was the world's largest seller of musical instruments.[29] Musician's Friend became a wholly owned subsidiary that was headquartered in Medford, Oregon until 2011, when Musician's Friend's headquarters operations were gradually consolidated into Guitar Center's facilities in Westlake Village, California.[30]
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Like others mentioned, they might not be including it because the review isn't actually about the product, but the site itself.

You ever come across those useless reviews on Amazon where someone just complains that the package came late, or UPS damaged the box or something? They don't say anything about the actual product, so they really aren't helpful at all. That would be my guess for why they didn't include it.

I've ordered a ton of stuff from Guitar Center as well as Musicians Friend and haven't had a problem, but I'm sure plenty have. They're a huge company and with the thousands of orders they get, there are bound to be some mistakes made. It's just a numbers game.

TL;DR: Take your review to Google reviews or Facebook or something that has to do with the company and not the specific product.
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I agree with above. When I look at a product I always start with the negative reviews. In most cases they offer the most insight to the product but I have seen reviews like "This product sucks so I returned it". Reviews like that shouldn't be published because they offer no details or explanations as to why the product sucked. Was it personal, did the product not work, was it the wrong color, it needs something to help prospective buyers or it's just not worth the web space. I often find some people don't really research a product very well before buying it then give it a negative review when it doesn't do something it was never intended to do in the first place.
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