Hey all,

I am trying to make a seamless / endless guitar drone of a chord and record that in Logic. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get the drone loop to be seamless. It has like a "click" whenever the drone pattern repeats. Are there any tutorials or tips on how to fix this?

I am recording using my Line 6 Pod HD500x plugged in direct

xbouncer927 Maybe some kind of time stretching effect.  Audacity has a thing call PaulStretch that is interesting.  Here is a short sample of what it does.  I strummed the chord a few times and stretched that to 15  - http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00813534785643297770 

Or possibly the Spectral DroneMaker or Spectral Weave effects here - http://www.michaelnorris.info/software/soundmagicspectral 

Not sure if you want that kind of thing because it doesn't have the same pure sound as an endless strum, but I don't know of anything closer. (Not that I'm an expert)
The audio software usually have a curve you can apply to edits as far as volume.

Looking at the waveform, you will see a pronounced downhill that get's ever steeper.

You can also apply the reverse to the beginning.

When combining them, you can select one and move it relative to the other and come up with the perfect overlap.