Hey, so I am going to be in Jazz band and I'm doing guitar and she was really brief in what she wanted my to learn. Im confused and kind of freaking out, so plz tell me anything I need to know, like chords and stuff like that, in the replies. Thanks!
I hate to say it, but if you're asking which chords to learn, I would suspect you're not ready for a jazz band.  Knowing chords and being able to improvise with them and almost build ones you might not know 100% on the fly is a pretty important skill for a jazz musician.

However, I would suggest:

  1. Learn a bunch of standards.  Autumn Leaves, Nuages, Caravan, basically anything you might find in a Real Book.  Again, if you don't know a load of standards by name I would say that you might want to reconsider playing in a jazz band.
  2. Learn theory.  Learn as much theory as you can.  You need to understand where chord names come from and how to translate those in to something you can play.  Then you need to remember/learn that jazz guitar often doesn't play all the notes in a chord.  More often than not, a jazz guitarist will keep only three or four notes of a chord, just enough to get the essential sound of it, and leave it at that.  Jazz arrangements, outside of big band, are not generally super dense, so know your place in the sound and stick to it.

I'm just going to say again: if you don't already know these things, you might want to reconsider playing in a jazz band, or at the very least let the person forming the band know that you're not hugely well versed in jazz guitar.  They might be fine with it, but if they're looking for someone who's going to be able to comp a rhythm to Giant Steps without much rehearsal time then you might not be the person they need.

I don't want to discourage you from learning jazz, it's a fine craft and something I would like to be able to do as well... but there's a difference between learning on your own, and essentially making your practice time part of someone else's musical project.

Keep learning, but be respectful of what this person wants, and respect their time.
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If this band are all beginners to Jazz, then you can take your time.  I can't believe this is a gigging band, unless you've mis-sold yourself  (in which case, make your excuses, go away and learn, find others willing to help, better than you playing-wise).

Chords: maj and min triads.  maj7, m7, m7b5, dim7, and 7 chords (e.g. 7, 7b9. 7#9),
Scales: dorian, mixolydian, mixolydian b9 b13, blues.

Need the sounds in your head.  Listen like mad to other players.  Listen to the rhythm especially. (swing 1/8ths).  Listen to phrasing.

The "wing it" tip:  if you play a clashing note, slide it one fret either way on same string.  This will always get you out of trouble.  Try this and stick on a simple jazz standard, and just go for it.  Use your ears, guess, and use this tip.
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Zaphod_Beeblebr thanks for the advice and youre probably right. All my teacher told me to do was like learn like Bb blues chords and other scales. Anyway, youre right, I probably won't do it.
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I could imagine it being an excellent learning experience IF you had the basics down.The only problem is....
The basics are a f'king lot of work and time.
I'm learning jazz now coming from a blues background and it's taken me 3 or so years to get to my current level which i would still class as beginner if i'm being honest with myself and i know i'm not ready for a jazz band.There are a selection of standards that you are expected to know.I know only 2 inside out and bits of others.It's a mine field.
As said above it's alot of fun to learn though and addictive when you start seeing how things fall into place etc.