I've got a little band.  Right now we're playing instrumental with guitar amps only.  I have a PA but it's too big for the gigs we're playing.  With amps-only, we're starting to have trouble covering the audience and meeting monitoring needs at all stage positions.  The Peavey Classic 30 is open-backed and it's hard to hear on the stage to the sides of it.

I was thinking of adding a small PA for vocals-only, but now wondering if I need to monitor the guitars.

Do you play amps-only? or with only vocals in the PA?  How do you arrange the stage?

Should I put vocals only in the FoH, but plan on putting vocals as well as guitars in the monitors?

Put guitars and vocals in the FoH and in the monitors, and maybe plan on micing the kick drum as well?

Stages we play are 12' wide at the most.
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Even when I am the loudest person on stage I still mike up the amp. You gotta give the sound guy the option.
However, in my punk band  I am running an Atomic Amplifire straight into the desk, not an amp in sight, so all my monitoring comes off the wedges.
It all depends on what I am playing through. In your case just have some monitoring in the wedges to reinforce your sound on stage.
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I've played many smaller gig over the years where only the vocals are in the PA. Angle the guitar cabinet towards the center of the stage so everyone can hear it on stage.
I have a 112 extension cabinet that I put on the other side of the stage as my amp. That does a good job of eliminating any dead spots. Since I started doing that, I haven't felt the need to have guitars run through the monitors since I can hear them pretty well anywhere on stage. 
For some of the smaller gigs we played, we had a hard time hearing each other except via echos from the far wall (not the best way to keep time).

I eventually built a pair of 2x12 *stereo* cabs, and we put one of these on either side of the stage. I took up the left side of each cabinet (keys sometimes, guitar sometimes), another guitar player took up the right side of each cabinet. Speakers were all Eminence Delta ProA's, which will handle up to 400W each. That kept the stage footprint pretty small. The drummer had a 15" sub plus an amp for his kick (wasn't loud; he just wanted some more low end punch) and the bass player had his own cab, and we'd usually put the 2x12s on top of those if the stage was really tiny. PA was for vocals only, with two powered speakers on either side of the stage, but we had two rows of 6" speakers in horizontal columns right in front of us at our feet -- one row facing the audience filled in the space between the mains for the audience, the other row was facing back toward us, working as vocal monitors. Nobody really seemed to notice they were there (not as tall as your usual wedge monitors).
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We play a wide variety of gigs from small roadhouses to outdoor shows for 1000+.  Most of the small indoor gigs we put vocals and keys in the PA and monitors.  I tilt my amp back and keep it close so I can hear it and the band as well.  A 15-30w 1x12 most nights.  For medium outdoor gigs we mic the amps and put a bit of them in the monitors so everyone can hear well.  For large outdoor gigs we mic everything, vocals, guitars and keys in the monitor for cues,  Drums to FOH.  We always use a sound CO with tech for the large outdoor gigs and let him worry about  setup and the FOH mix.

Keeping the guitar amp close so you can always hear "you" is pretty critical IMO.
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