Hi guys.

My name is Gary, and I'm a recording and mix engineer based in Ireland. My website is here; www.garywhiterec.com

I'm currently updating my mixing portfolio, and I would love the chance to add some new music from outside of Ireland. So, for anyone out there who has their own good quality home (or studio) recordings who would like to have a track professionally mixed for free, please get in touch!

You send me one of your most recent recordings via dropbox / google drive, and I will do a complete professional mix for free! No strings, no catch.
This would give you the chance to get another track over the finish line with no additional financial or time cost to you. You could then use this as a free download or promo between EP's maybe.

I can have a mix delivered to you within 4 days of receiving files.

If this would be of any interest to you, I am always available by, e-mail to discuss details, so please feel free to get in touch! 

e-mail; Gary@garywhiterec.com


Any songs to be considered MUST be edited prior to sending, this includes; Drum timing, clicks / pops removed, vocals tuned (where corrective tuning is concerned) and any other editing that is required... I'm offering a mixing service ONLY.

I can only mix songs that I'm confident about (good arrangements, performed well, recorded well etc etc) I want my portfolio to have as high a quality as you should want for your music.

Regardless of whether you decide to go for this offer, I really appreciate you taking the time to read through this!

Many thanks,

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