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Hey guys/girls and attack heli's!

So i've just entered the realms of the Ibanez by getting my hands on a RGa 220Z, but i'm facing one problem. Since i'm new to the whole tremolo style guitars i spend some time figuring out how to set up my guitar, and i think i did a pretty good job. BUT when i use the trem and put more pressure on the strings (note getting higher) at a certain point the strings start to hit the 24th fret and the whole effect is gone.

So my question: can this be helped by just raising the action, or is there something else i'm missing? I'm asking this just to make sure before i'm just going to fool around.

Thanks in advance <3  

Pic of guitar:
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I'm going to be out of ideas after this, but what gauge string was on there before and what gauge did you put on? Also, what tuning, before and after?
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This happens because as you pull up on the bar, the action at the bridge gets lower and lower until it eventually frets out.

How much of a problem it is kind of depends on how far you can pull back on the bar and how low the action is. Having lower action will make fretting out more and more inevitable as you pull up further. But what lowering the action will also do is limit the travel of the bar as you pull back.

If you really want to fix this problem, I would suggest putting a shim in the neck to very slightly adjust the angle it sits in the pocket so the fingerboard extension no longer chokes out the string and then re-set up the guitar according to the new neck angle.

Before you try that though I would confirm if the frets on the guitar are actually level first. Adjusting the neck angle isn't going to help if you have a high fret.
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