Hey there guys  

I've been thinking about opening an online guitar store for quite some time now and today I finally got all the paper work done in regards to setting up a dropshipping contract with a reliable vendor in the U.S,

My vendor forwarded me a list PACKED with over 2000 guitar products and this made me realise how little insight I really have in the target audience that I want to build a relationship with (guys like you in here who have been playing guitar for years) through solid high quality guitar products and useful guitar articles,

I've been looking for weeks on the internet trying to find awesome and useful guitar products to sell and have made a little list that I will show my vendor. But before I go any further with this project I would love to hear some feedback from you guys that obviously have a lot more experience and knowledge in this area  

Are there any guitar products that you would buy in a heartbeat or products that every guitarist should own (beside the guitar itself ofc)
Do you have any inputs to a guy like me who wants to sell guitar products (what do you look for when buying products online?)

If you could please answer the questions or come with some inputs that would mean the world to me!  Thank you very much!
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Pretty sure the market is well-served already. As in, not a whole lot of room for more stores, unless you're going to do something unique. If all you're doing is selling retail goods, you're not going to have anything that people can't already get somewhere else, and you're definitely not going to be able to beat the prices of the already established retailers. Even brick-and-mortar music stores can't stay open these days if they're not making money off repair work/modifications, or renting stuff, or just have a very large and dedicated customer base that's been with them since before the industry got as clogged as it is now.

Basically, good luck. 
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