Hey, everybody.
Starting in August, I will be starting my first year in college, and would like tips from fellow guitarists in regards to simply surviving college as a guitarist. I will be in a dorm, but I'm not so much worried about practicing without being a disturbance, as I don't mind playing through headphones, and I will have access to practice rooms. I am going to continue to play out in college, though, and am worried about keeping gear safe, and what not. I am going to bring the bare minimum, and most of my gear is not really top of the line, but none the less, I can't afford to replace much. If anybody has any advice on this, and just being a musician in college in general, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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- Set boundaries. Make it clear to your roommates that they have to ask before touching it. If they damage anything, they'll have to pay for it.

- When freshman, don't try to be around seniors too much and don't let them into your room any more than you can help. They'll want to touch your guitar, and you can't tell them to keep their hands off as easily as you can do for a classmate or junior.

- I personally get along fine with just a gig bag, but get a hard case for your guitar if you can and keep it either out of sight or very near whenever you're not practising. I had a tiny room, so I always had it at the head or foot of my mattress. When I slept as a freshman, I'd have my feet touching the guitar because a) it's comforting and b) I'd wake up if someone tried to pick up my axe.

- Lock the room whenever it's not empty, and advise your roommates to do the same.

- If you trust people enough, you can leave your amp out. If not, keep it in a closet. Leaving it out should be fine if your room is private enough.

- Consider buying an acoustic as well, for portability and when you can't bring your electric to the dorm. An acoustic guitar is a great purchase in itself anyway.

Basically it just boils down to letting people know at the beginning that you don't want your guitar messed with without your permission. Most people are non-musicians so with some annoying seniors who wanted a look, I'd let them hold it for a minute (close by, though), and after they'd embarrassed themselves plucking pointlessly at the strings and being unable to fret, I'd take it back and they were content to just watch from them on :P

Good luck! I hope you have a good time at college. It's unlikely you'll have stuff stolen unless you have some really nasty people about, but it's best to be careful nonetheless.
don't sit in the middle of an open area and play acoustic guitar unless you want your teeth pushed in
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Congrats, get ready for the best years of your life! But I would try not to bring any expensive gear into the dorm.. Things WILL get damaged, beer will spilt on them etc.. You'll probably meet lots of other musicians so you'll want an electric, amp, and acoustic.. But if you have an option to bring your less expensive gear I would recommend it