I created a post a couple weeks ago about buying a new amp. I'm 14 and like rock, metal, and blues. I don't want to spend more than $2000 and I'm pretty sure I want to go with a Mesa. And reccomondations from people that own the amp?
Wow! Nice budget.

The top 3 Mesas on my list are the Triple Crown (new amp, @$1800), the Royal Atlantic (discontinued amp, @$1000-1200), and the TransAtlantic TA-30 (discontinued amp, @$800-1800 depending on configuration).
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I have a few Mesa Boogie amps and my favorite is still the 2 channel Triple Rec, my 2nd amp when I was 12.

My 2nd go to is a tie between the Road King II and Mark V, both loaded with tone-shaping features.

The cool thing about Mesa Boogie amps is that they're built like tanks with the distinctive American feel.  All of them are within your budget if you go used.
I have the mark v 25 with the rectifier vertical 2x12 cab. Total cost new would be $2200 but used you can get under your price point.

Reasons why I like it:

1) great flexibility and tone options with EQ
2) very good cleans
3) phenomenal crunch
4) 3 different modes of hi-gain (IIC+, IV and Extreme)
5) great lead tone from either crunch or hi-gain channel
6) loud enough to play/gig but great at bedroom volumes. Even better at bedroom levels with a clean boost.

Hope this helps.
The Triple Crown looks awesome, haven't heard one in person yet though.

Marks are my favorite flavor, I've had a Mark III, IV, and the V 25 now, all of them were awesome amps that had a great range of tones. My favorite Mesa clean is the traditional Mark clean tone, and the lead sounds are always top knotch. The crunch mode on channel 1 on the V 25 is honestly worth a whole amp itself it is so good.

That plus your cab of choice would be in budget, especially used.
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