Hello. i have a problem with usb audio interface. i use line 6 toneport gx. i cannot use 2 software at once as standalone. i can use the inside DAW but not as a standalone. i formated my PC. before that i could use 2 at once. i am talking about guitar rig5 and addictive drums. help
kitarmen Firstly, are those softwares capable of being used in a standalone format? Do you have the standalone version of the software downloaded? Many amp simulators and drum machines need to be tethered to a DAW as there are no standalone versions.
Only one software can access the ASIO driver at a single time. When you open something (VST or plugin) within a DAW or application it is using the original app's access to the ASIO driver and not a new one. The same rule applies no matter which ASIO driver (Toneport, ASIO4all, etc.) you are using and only one ASIO driver can be used at once because they all use the same port memory space of the computer.
So if you open say Addictive Drums as stand-alone, you cannot open your DAW or Guitar Rig or any other stand-alone application to use ASIO. But you can open your DAW and then open Addictive Drums as well as Guitar RIg at the same time as VST's within the DAW.

Now before anyone jumps on me, yes there are ways to share access. There are things like ASIO Link and Voicemeeter Banana which are sort of virtual connectors/mixers. But from a music recording perspective where quality can be paramount, these add latency, can cause dropouts and degrade quality. They have their uses but not if you spend any effort or time on quality assurance, you would not want these anywhere in your signal chain.