Hey,I've been looking around now and decided I really want to get a cheap vintage maybe not vintage guitar, so I'll just leave some information below and maybe someone is familiar with these guitars.

Mosrite Style.

Univox Style.

Danelectro Style.


Epiphone ET-270 or Epiphone Wilshire.

or even a Hagstrom style.

I've been looking in a lot of places and didn't find anything.

The cheap price ranges from 0-250 maybe 300 $ or  € .

Help would be great.
Eastman makes guitars with those styles but are more expensive. Danelectro makes new guitars that are sffodable so that seems like a good place to start
monwobobbo Yeah I've found out about Eastman recently but decided to wait for something else since the price.
Thanks for the reply anyways.
I'll be going to a music store soon so hopefully I'll find something used there.
If you want something actually vintage, keep a look on the used market for those older Italian guitars. They can be really nice and don't often cost a lot.
ExDementia Wish I could,I live in Ireland so there's no craigslist here nor pawn shops...But I guess I'll try to go to normal music shops and asked for used vintage stuff.