Older version of ProTools not compatible with Windows 10 - looking for new ideas

Hey All-

I have an older version of Protools that is no longer compatible with my current operating system (Windows 10).  I previously used it with a M-Audio USB interface.  I'm not married to protools as it probably has so many features that I will never really use - I'm an amateur when it comes to recording and it's solely for my own personal enjoyment. 

I'm looking for a new compatible recording software, and hoping I can still use my M-Audio interface as well.  Thoughts/suggestions?

I typically mic my electric guitars when recording and do a combo of mic/direct with acoustic guitars. Ideally I'd like to be able to use some kind of drag n drop drum program as well. 
I don't know if this help but one thing I did for a similar problem was to use Oracle Virtual Box. This free software creates another drive on your computer that you can use to download any other version of Windows. I have Windows 8 on my computer but I have an older Roland Virtual Sound Canvas software that I use for some live midi work on gigs using a laptop with an older version of Windows. Unfortunately my home computer is running Windows 8 and the Roland software does not run on anything higher than Windows XP and I couldn't create or edit my midi's through the Roland Sound Canvas like I do live. The fix was using the Oracle Virtual Box.  It  created a separate drive on my home computer that uses Windows XP and my older Sonor and Cakewalk software along with the Roland Virtual Sound Canvas. No problem. I have dual monitors and I can bring up Windows XP on one monitor and Windows 8 on the other and run both simultaneously with no issues. It might be worth a try and you can run two different versions of Windows and continue to use your Pro Tools software. Virtual Box is a free software not just a trial version.

Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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Rickholly74 Thanks for the info! I'll check out Oracle Virtual Box and see if  I can get that to work.  It'd be great to not have to buy and learn a new program.