Warning: long post up ahead, so here's a short summary: Played around with a Boss ME-70 to see if I could get a useable metal tone, sample is at the link below:


Share your opinions.

Long version:

Multi effects units are a major source of taboo when it comes to dialing in good overdrive and distortion sounds. We've all heard it; they sound digital, processed, harsh, tinny, not convincing.

This kind of talk basically scared the shit out of me when I was a wee beginner at the age of 16. My dad had just bought me a Digitech RP-350 and of course I immediately wanted to get the most BROOTALZ TONE ever, scooped ALL THE MIDS out and got that Kill Em All tone that I'd been chasing.

...Until the first time I played with a band and my tone disappeared out of sight the moment the whole band started playing loud. From the moment that a more experienced player pointed out that all those multi-effects distortions are crap and no one in their right mind should use them to get a heavy tone, instead just use the amp's built-in distortion.

I didn't have an amp, though, but that wasn't a problem since most practice spaces and venues had amps that I could use, so I pretty much utilized amp distortions for my dirty tone, until I bought an MXR '78 badass distortion pedal which had a really cool tone for my particular taste, and I had gotten some really serious compliments about my tone as well.

However, I could never shake the feeling that maybe it wasn't the multi-effects unit's fault at all, just that I didn't spend enough time tweaking it and trying to make it useable, and caring too much about the opinion of other, more experienced people (who, perhaps, also didn't invest enough time in learning a multi-effects unit in order to make it sound good).

I love multi-effects because of their simplicity; you get a bunch of stuff in a really small box, they're cheap, they're durable, they're easy to use, and they're quiet as fuck. If only they had the kind of distortion I needed, I'd never touch a pedal again.

So a few days ago, I decided to tinker around with my Boss ME-70 that takes care of all my effects because I think it's an absolutely amazing piece of tech. It took some time, but to my surprise I managed to get a really, really, really cool tone. I recorded some basic riffs, added some vst bass and drums to see if it could work in a mix (although I am yet to see how it behaves in a live situation as that's a totally different story), and here's what I got:


So tell me what you think of this sort of tone. In my opinion, it is completely passable and even a trained pair of ears I think could not notice that it wasn't a real amp unless they were told so. There is no post processing on the guitar track, no EQ, no compressor, this is direct into my audio interface and recorded with the built-in amp and cab sim capabilities of the unit. Let me know what you think, honest, constructive opinions are what I'm looking for!
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Scooping all the mids is what killed your tone. Doesn't work in band

Of course I know that NOW, tell that to 16 year-old me :')
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ok is there a point to this thread then? 

Uh, I'm not sure if you actually read the thread, but the point is the short audio demo of the guitar sound that I shared, and I'm wondering whether people think it is a usable tone.
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Uh, I'm not sure if you actually read the thread, but the point is the short audio demo of the guitar sound that I shared, and I'm wondering whether people think it is a usable tone.

ok that link got blocked at work so i didn't see it.  as for the tone well it was ok but the mix on your song was terrible. you could barely hear the drums. whether a tone is good or not really depends on how well it sounds in the mix with the other instruments.  not really my type of music though so i may not be the best judge.  i'd also suggest knocking back on the distortion. when recording you need far less than you might think to get the sound you want in the final product. (you'd be suprised at how little i used in the tunes in the link in my profile)