Hi, I just got a 90's dinky 24 fret HSH and guess what the S is done for and I don't mind because I tend to agree that it get's in the way of the pick and besides I have an S/SH/H also. Because of this I would like to connect the two H's ala a Les paul and make my 5 position switch into a 3 like so
NeckH-NeckH-Both-BridgeH-BridgeH.  I understand where everything is in the cavity (as it is right now) but I'm not sure how to proceed especially whether I have to unsolder  and resolder the leads  or whether a new wire connection or connections is needed. I can however see that a  2 wires are connecting the 2 H's Neck and bridge to the middle position(where the S use to be) for positions 2 and 4 of the 5 position switch. I have post from somewhere else I will quote from:

" first, how a strat-style 5-way works: it has two sets or banks of four poles. three of the poles are for the bridge, middle, and neck pickups; the fourth is the 'common' or hot output that they all switch to. if you numbered them it would be 3 2 1 0. sometimes the switches even have tiny numbers printed on them.

your switch looks like its poles are 1 2 3 0 0 1 2 3, going across the switch. without testing it with a voltmeter i can't be positive, but i would bet a cold beer on it. you might be able to tell yourself by watching the piece move inside the switch as you switch it.

to wire it b/b/both/n/n, you want to connect the bridge pickup hot wire to poles 3 and 2 in one bank of poles (not both). then connect the neck pickup hot wire to poles 2 and 1 of the other bank of poles. then connect the hot wire from the volume pot to both common poles #0.

it's impossible to tell from your picture if position 3 is all the way toward the neck or toward the bridge. so if you wire it up and the bridge pickup is on when the switch is in the neck position, either rotate the switch inside the guitar, or swap each of your pickup hot wires onto the opposite bank of poles (put the bridge pickup hot wire on the other bank's poles 3 and 2, etc)."

This just isn't that clear to me can someone help here(especially the common poles part). Sorry not possible to post a image of the cavity just to blurry.

Thanks in advance