Right it's a marshall MG 100DFX, not off to a good start already but here we go

So I turned it on and was about to start practicing but as soon as I did the clean channel was essentially silent, I checked to see if my guitar volume knob was turned down checked all the amp settings and they were fine, but there's barely any sound unless I turn it all the way up and then it's just a tiny amount, and if I put it on the overdrive channel it basically sounds like a slightly dirtier clean channel, never had these problems in the few couple months I've had the amp and I've got no idea how to fix it
Any help would be appreciated!!!
have you tried different cables and different guitars? that's the first place to start. maybe try a different plug socket, too.
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If you end up replacing the amp jack socket avoid the on board sockets. Solder 2 wires from the board to a separate socket fixed to the amp face plate.