(Verse 1)
Closure is closer
Than ever before
I've walked up the path
Now I stand at the door
Behind this dark ingress
Utopia lies
But paradise isn't for me...
A twist by the fates
Finds my heartstrings unbound
But never can faithful
Go back still resounds
The promises made
To protect us are sealed
So paradise wasn't to be...

"In another life
We will meet again"
Neither believes it
It's nice to pretend
"In another life
It might work this time"
These parting words
Return us to paradigm

(Verse 2)
Shadowy halls
Give way to the dawn
A lover's embrace
And then it is gone
Oh desperate surrender
Bring peace to my soul
Show what I'm longing
To see...
Tender survival
Is all that I ask
Leave me with memories
To live in the past
A future of trying
To regain what was lost
Is an objective impossibility


[Guitar solo]

You can never go back to those choices
You will never stop hearing the voices
You must never find peace in the present
You shall never return home

Chorus x2 

You can listen here: http://everstormseve.bandcamp.com/album/new-music-demos