I am an avid listener of a wide array of musical styles like prog, latin, metal, hip hop, punk, essentially anything that potentially intrigues me. More than anything, I've always loved artists who focused more on creating moments of brilliance rather than catchy hooks or brutal breakdowns. Those moments that make your heart skip a beat. The moments that make the world around you disappear for a moment. Moments that leave you gasping for breath, as you wipe away the tears that just happened to show up on your face.

In all my listening experience, I've experienced countless moments like this, but two in particular have always stood out in my mind.

Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)--Santana, specifically the second half of the song when the rhythm section changes and builds, as the lead guitar swirls and croons and weeps and screams in poetic fashion in a way that only the great Carlos Santana could pull off. To this day, I have never been able to find another instrumental song or guitar solo to have touched my soul in the same way.

Gravity's Union--Coheed and Cambria. Okay, this one may seem like a bizarre choice, particularly to those who either have never heard of Coheed, or are only aware of them through the moderate popularity of their early emo-tinged punk prog work or their greatest hit, the hilariously overdramatic "Welcome Home," but Gravity's Union truly stands out to me as one of the most poignant Progressive Rock/Metal songs of all time. From the grimy distortion, to the pounding drums, to vocalist Claudio Sanchez's pained vocal performance, leading the listener along an emotional roller coaster all culminating in an explosive finale that tore at my heartstrings and knocked the wind out of me the first time I heard it, Gravity's Union deserves more recognition in the Prog community.

Could anyone suggest/share songs/moments that did the same for them?