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None of them say existence so no I don't agree
I always knew Kansas was the worst state.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
lol @ Massachusetts
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Sleeping with the window open is a terrible idea in Texas. Especially in the southern areas where summer weather is almost year round. It's never cool enough to get a nice breeze in. Too many god damn mosquitos and cockroaches and fire ants as well. Peak winter nothing to worry about tho.
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There shall be a stop to this madness. The battle is not over. My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.

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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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I'm looking for professional bongo-ists and triangle-ists to make a Progressive Technical Brutal Death Metal band
(will be called AxOxJxLxAxIxVxXxUxWxZxQxUxRxWxGxJxSxAxLxKxMxNxHxUxGxAxAxWxVxCxBxZxVx)
(Don't even ask what it means)

Utah lmao
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it wouldn't surprise me if UG goes down within the next couple months, along with other privately owned sites

December 14, 2017
tennessee is trash

i hate my fellow New Jersey-ans more than i hate jellyfish.

also i think i should move to New Hampshire.
We don't hate sleeping with the window open. We just don't enjoy melting like a mong so we all have AC units.
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If KFC is finger-licking good, then people would probably suck dicks for Popeyes. That's how good it is.

There's nothing left here to be saved
Just barreling dogs and barking trains
Another year lost to the blue line
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"I hate winter"

then fucking move, assholes
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I always knew Kansas was the worst state.

if North Korea nukes Kansas, I will vote Jill Stein 2020
My current home state is Wisconsin, and I do not hate trap music (though I don't really listen to it). However, I grew up in Ohio, and I definitely do hate tying a tie.
Death to Ovation haters!
holy shit i need to go to hawaii im tired of normies trying to be seen at shows instead of actually witnessing whats in front of them 

i do agree with my state too tho 
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~
Bagels without cream cheese or margarine
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Listening to: The Allman Brothers Band

Would a mermaid-human hybrid look like a mermaid, or a human?

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Hey guys could you spare a minute to Vote for my band. Go to the site Search our band Listana with CTRL+F for quick and vote Thank you .
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Voted for Patron Çıldırdı.

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But our Band is Listana
lol @ sand in Arizona.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
I'm not American so have no state to agree with but I really enjoyed how stereotyped that list was. Some of the state answers were hilariously bigoted.
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How the fuck can you still hate *NSYNC in 2017?

Give them a chance, that state only just got electricity, they've a lot of CDs to catch up on.
I find it hard to believe that my state hates dabbing pizza grease with a napkin more than paying personal property tax on stuff you have owned for years and years.
Flying in a blue dream
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How can so many people hate tuna salad it's savory, refreshing, and delicious

it fucking stinks tbh

I refused to eat it until I was a college student & cans of tuna were the only substantial food left in our apartment.

Now I like it, but it still fucking stinks.
I actually like Times Square tbhtbh

Hate whiny people tho.
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ooh look at me i'm ERIKLENSHERR and i work at fancy pants desk jobs and wear ties and ply barely legal girls with weed and booze i'm such a classy motherfucker.
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I guess I prefer drinking with other people, but I wouldn't say I hate drinking alone.

"Every day I wonder how many things I am dead wrong about."
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Wouldn't it be great if her arms squeezed out a dormant beer-fart to the face, causing her to laugh so hard she pisses all over his neck?
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