I've been invited by a band called "Dust'N'Rain", I'm glad to show you the 2 songs I played and sang, it was my first concert so go eazy on me ^^

Ride Me Down Easy :
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Wagon Wheel :
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Here goes the story :
I've been to several gigs of a band called "Dust'N'Rain" and they wanted to do something special for the 4th of July. So they searched American singers... Though it's not easy in Belgium!
They knew I was half US and I play guitar and sing so they invited me
After 2 rehearsals we were ready!

It was a great experience! Before that, I never played with a band... I hope I'm gonna find mate, I have 6 original songs and couple of covers I like to do...
I'll soon buy new stuff and post more content on my youtube channel.

Thanks for watching!