I know the guitars cannot be compared altogether; and I know about the differences I wrote about below. I just need your opinion on the worth of these guitars to determine whether I'm going into a fair trade.

Squier M-80: 24.75" scale, 2 x alnico 5 humbuckers, 2 tone, 2 volume pots, hardtail like a Gibson LP. Made in 2004, Indonesia. Red Wine natural color master series.
Cort X-11: 25.5"scale, 2 x chinese ceramic humbuckers, 1 single coil-sized alnico rail humbucker, Floyd Rose. Made in 2015, Indonesia. Cherry Black Burst color.

Both of the guitars are in extremely well condition and I'm considering trading my Cort X-11 for the Squier M-80.

The problem is that I cannot get a reliable picture of what these guitars are worth. I'm standing to pay about $60 extra to swap my Cort for this Squier. I do not care about the dissimilarities in the specs; I just want the swap.

I like to get guitars which are unique, which is why I'm considering this trade and I'm asking you: Is this a fair trade?
Update: the Squier has the seemingly original "Duncen Designed" alnico 5 humbuckers, in satin grey finish, along with rest of the bridge hardware, whic i found somewhat odd.