whoa, i haven't made a thread on UG in a long time....

i need some pedal-order suggestions...

i am adding a stock MXR Blue Box double-octave fuzz (the "fool in the rain" solo sound)

the board currently consists of these pedals, in this order:

TC polytune (true bypass)

Dunlop 535q wah (modded with true bypass switch)

Boss BD-2 blues driver (with what is essentially the keely mod)

Boss PH-3 phaser (stock)

Boss TE-2 tera echo (stock)

all powered by a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II Plus. the whole board is preamp; though i DO have an effect loop on my amp that i can use.

i don't use the echo very often. i use the phaser and wah all the time for both leads and riffs. blues driver is my workhorse for tone; it's almost always running. i intend to use the Blue Box a fair bit for leads, sometimes for riffs.

i've done a fair bit of research, but can't find much about my specific fuzz that I want to add in terms of how decent the bypass is. lots of people say that you should put a fuzz as early in your signal chain as possible because of how it's signal-processing works, and since the Blue Box is also an octave effect, it should probably come before any overdrive

where do you think i should put the Blue Box?

anyone got other ideas in terms of pedal order?

please explain your reasoning, too!

thanks in advance. i am TOTALLY willing to weigh in on people's other threads in exchange for a well-thought-out response.
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I'd put it first. Any fuzz I've used always sounded best right after the guitar.
Experiment with whatever sounds better, just as long as you keep the Blue Box away from buffered pedals. Which is where the internet wizzdum of putting fuzzes right up front in the chain partly comes from. And if the tuner is buffered, put the fuzz even before that. But if it's true bypass, it doesn't matter.

Not all fuzzes necessarily sound the best in that particular order though.
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Nice pedal selection.....With that pedal chain, I would put the MXR somewhere before the buffered pedals. I like using a wah as a notch filter and wah so would prol' test the pair together with the MXR before and after the 535Q to see which tones I find more useful. 
a little update... i got the blue box and the tone-loss while it's on bypass was pretty noticeable, and the effect needs to be cranked to max volume to be at unity with the clean signal.... so i am having it modded to true bypass and a little preamp circuit for volume boost... i am also adding a dedicated buffer made by my pedal guy, and i found a vintage Boss PH-1r phaser... so now it's gonna be:

MXR Blue Box (w/ true bypass and volume boost mod)

Custom-made buffer unit

TC polytune (true bypass)

Dunlop 535q wah (modded with true bypass switch)

Boss BD-2 blues driver (with what is essentially the keely mod)

Boss PH-1r phaser (stock, vintage analog phaser!)

Boss TE-2 tera echo (stock)

i will post pics when it's all complete
The Boss PH-1r is classic 4 stage phase shifter. Cool choice!

I'm not a buffer guru so maybe someone will chime in but I figure you already have 3 buffers going with the Boss pedals so why the need for the additional custom made buffer?

Nice board! kickass phaser too.
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