So I've had my guitar about 10 months and just recently I've suddenly been getting string buzz. It started out as just the A note and I don't mean simply the open a string I mean every A note anywhere on the fret board apart from the high strings. First I tried just changing the action slightly but with no change I then went to adjust the truss rod and then the action even more, but still it continues to get worse and some other frets are also buzzing. At this point it's only really on clean sounds where it's noticeable but it's very noticeable and I play a lot of clean so it's not ideal.

 It's an ibanez RGIT27FE and has a through neck if that makes any difference and the buzz sound seems to be coming from the body area of the guitar but it's hard to tell exactly where, I've also tested to see if there's any inconsistencies in fret height but it all seems ok. As for string changes I've only changed once I believe down from 11s to 10s or it possibly came with 10s but that was a while ago and it's been fine since then (not sure exactly what it came with since it's my first guitar with a longer scale length) basically I want to know if there's anything else I can try since money's a bit tight now so ideally I don't want to take it for a repair, a new set of strings would be possible but I only want to do that if it will almost definitely fix it. I have d'addrio nyxl strings on it at the moment and am not overly impressed with them so maybe it's a common problem with those. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated, knowing me it's probably something very simple, thanks!
is it possible to change  the string height on each string ? If the guitar is setup properly -  normally buzz  comes from nut  or  bridge  or nut cut to low -  
I find it strange how it suddenly started to buzz , are you sure you have set the guitar up properly ? how are you setting the neck flat or with some front bow and are you sure you have measured this properly ? 
You call it string buzz, then fret buzz, then you say it's coming from the body. So it's hard to tell what you're hearing. Fret buzz is pretty recognizable, so there shouldn't be really a question if it is fret buzz. Do you get this while picking strings when the guitar isn't plugged into the amp? 
UPDATE: Well it seemed to be just with certain notes whether they were open strings or fretted however as I thought it was something very simple but also frustrating. I've been playing through an audio interface with Alesis speakers for quite some time and it just always sounded so much like string buzz, but I plugged into my old amp and it's all fine, I also tried headphones and no problems so I guess all I can take away from this is never trust Alesis as I've had so many problems with them. Thanks for your help though
i haven't used one of those ibanez floating bridges, but if it's anything like a floyd rose, then it has springs in the back. check the bridge and see if it's "floating" parallel to the body of the guitar. if not, you might want to open up the back and remove a spring, or loosen it  -- it's possible that the tension is too tight. did you drop tune the guitar recently? that might cause loosening of the bridge making it sink and lower the action naturally. 

you mentioned a tight budget -- is your budget too tight just to bring it to a shop and get a quick opinion from a pro? pretend you're totally gonna pay for them to fix it, ask then about the issue, and then walk away after a free diagnosis !!! lol might work
It's all about feel
LOL......I think I know what it is.

The locking nut is holding the string higher than the lowest part of the "V".

This makes the string do a strange buzzing as it lightly contacts the "V"

You can check for this sometimes by jamming your thumbnail to push the string against the side of the "v".

If you can take off the clamps on the nut and it goes away, changes, or gets worse, then you're on to something.

If it still makes noise, try removing the clamp and pushing down the string with your fingernail within the clamp area right up against the "V"

Sometimes, you can pull the string to one side with a thumbnail in the "V"  while you are clamping it down and it goes away............only to return the next time you loosen them up to retune.

One way to fix this is to tilt the nut back very slightly to cause the strings to bottom in the "V"............but you might introduce open string intonation issues if angling it back causes it to pull too far............but then, if a string isn't bottomed into the "V" then it's bottoming where it is clamped........which is far enough away from optimum to cause an intonation issue when it's played open.

I've used a thin strip of  "post it" note paper  folded once under the Nut on the fingerboard side to angle one up before.

Some have ground the clamping surface lower but that has it's own issues.

Of course,  maybe the locking nut is just loose and leaning inward toward the bridge.

You may have introduced some other buzzing with trying to track this down so the fix for them is different.
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