Hi everyone, I decided to buy a looper, mainly for practice, but I would also like to start recording songs to a computer. With budget of only 150 $ for pedal plus adapter, additional footswitch if possible I run into Boss RC3 clone, Nux looper, but it sounds too good to be true. I mean, half the price od Boss RC3 and nearly all of functions  (other than BPM). I could buy Zoom G1xOn for the price difference and solve BPM problem(not far away from doing so..) So I read some of reviews and comments, and most of them are positive, but than again, there are only so few of them, and I just cant decide if it is worth it or not..so, does anyone have any experiences? My main concern is durability, I dont want to spend 90$ on the pedal that is going to last for three months..
I have a Nux Loop core pedal, had it for a couple of years and no issues, works well and is pretty straight forward. I haven't used the RC3 so I can't say how it compares directly but for the price I am happy with it.