I'm a young contralto female singer, but I can sing soprano. With my range, I get get 4 octaves on a good day, or 3 1/2 on an average day. People tell me that it's impressive, but I don't understand why. It's just my voice. Is it that impressive, or are they just being nice? Granted, in the choir that I sing in, I am the only person that can switch between every part, even bass sometimes. I'm not sure. I've had my voice tested twice, and the teachers say it's impressive, but I want an answer from someone else. Help?
Today, I was introduced to myself, and I was disgusted.
calliekay04 Hi and welcome to Forum! It's hard to say for sure without any examples  
But it's good, that you have a reasonable amount of self-criticism. It can help you to progress.