Death calls and destruction knows your name

Counting wolves in your sleep, you will slaughter your sheep

You will live with an ember in your heart

Your love will burn forever

(A flame will hold you high
You will light a fire in the sky)

Ashes to fields of gold
You will reign over kings and crows
You will die on your blessed feet
You will mend your broken dreams
You are hope in the fallen leaves
You are the blood of trees

You are the strength in the ocean
You are everything
I'm mulling this over, and it is interesting.

Right off the bat, the title seems to be misspelled, unless I'm missing the purpose. I don't know if that's souring it for me or not.
(Phoenix vs. Pheonix)
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There are some real clever lines in here. I'd love to make an edit on this. Would you mind?
Centering text can be a gimmick. That's not the case here. You have a few great lines (the sleep/sheep part comes to mind). What's lacking is a purpose. With all the cleverness at your command, why should I care? Give me a reason.


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