Hi. So I've been trying to get this soldering to work on my Super Strat (that I made in school). I've used about 5 diagrams so far. I'm using Seymour Duncan pickups, a 3-way import blade switch and to B500K potentiometers. I've used bell wire with most of the soldering, and my pickup wires are a bit short so I had to solder some extra wires onto them. The problem is, the pickups work, but there's a buzzing sound, so I think it's a grounding issue (cavities not shielded since I have slug tape, and I'm not sure if it works. Some of the wirings from wire-to-wire are not taped, so that might be something too. I have pictures (not very high quality) if anybody needs any. Any answers/help/tips will be taken.
If these are single coils, they will hum...in some environments more than others. You should use shrink wrap or tape to seal the wire-to-wire connections so they don't touch anything they aren't supposed to. Make sure any wires (green & bare) are going to ground. All pots should be grounded to each other, and there is a ground wire coming from the bridge.