Pics coming up

Edit: cant add pics for some reason (ignore empty replys from me). Anyway, the wire kinda looks like a screening, it's thick and it comes from the pickup (Seymour Duncan)
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I'm not sure what you're asking here...

Do you mean the braided shield? Connect that and the bare wire (the one coming out with the colored wires) to ground.
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If there is a bare wire coming from a pickup it is a ground wire.  It's usually what the base plate is soldered to.  If you fail to solder the bare wire to ground then your pickup may get unwanted buzz when you touch any of it's metal parts such as the cover or polls.
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Yes, this is a ground wire. Solder it to the back of a pot (common ground). 
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
I am not sure I understand. All grounds should go to the back of a pot, and all pots should be connected together to make a common ground point. 
Dave @ Seymour Duncan