While I am not fully convinced the issue isn't just my poor soldering attempts, i have some inquiries to roll some things out before making more purchases.

The overall plan was to replace my two humbucking pickups with an EMG H4 (and eventually H4 a) passive pickup in a stock Epiphone SG (year 2000).  I attempted to wire in Only the H4 and after following EMG instructions was never able to get a signal from the new pick up.

I had signal from the neck pickup until it was disconnected while troubleshooting, which leads me to believe that even my poor soldering job on the toggle switch was enough for connectivity.

Attached are some pictures of how the guitar currently sits, with still no sound.

Some questions, and my thoughts on the potential issue are:

1. Firstly, Does the current setup appear correct for only the bridge pickup? (I've tried connecting the out from the toggle)
2. Theoretically could the Bridge pickup still be played for now without the toggle( if I plan to install the EMG 3 Way solderless later on anyway?)
3. I removed the black quick connect piece from the pickup connect cable to easily feed through the body cavity (suggested by emg..) and was unable to reconnect the piece.. But managed to still slide the ends on. (last picture, tough to see) does the connection appear faulty?
4. Grounding issue?

The solders are rough and some bare wire is exposed but do any other  issues stand out?  I've tried many other configurations and my final thought was to buy the H4a and  solder-less toggle to remove any errors and "start fresh "

I can send any pictures and label any wires.
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You can't attach files like that lol. You're linking to a local folder on your computer.

Hi Jake btw.

Go to this website:


Click new post and upload your pictures that way. Once you upload to imgur, copy the link they give you for the photo and post it here within tags.

Also can you post more than a shot of your job at the switch? Thanks. 
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