Hey guys,

New member here looking for a bit of help. I bought this guitar from Guitar Center new the year it was made. It's tobacco sunburst and has had the pickguard replaced from mint to tortoiseshell (authentic Fender part). There is an issue with the strings buzzing, but based on what I've been told by someone who looked at it at a music shop for me and by someone who I called, it would likely be a 30-60 dollar fix. It has always done that since I bought it.

What would the value on something like this be? I've gotten some ridiculous low balls, but the shop I brought it to about the buzzing said they wouldn't sell it for less than 1k at least they were me. I bought it for over $1700 new, but of course it will have depreciated a bit. Condition is nearly pristine with a few very minor imperfections, and has barely been played. It's absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous in person. Has a hard case and some extras with it.

How much should I expect to get for this? Is 1k too high?

Thank you!!
if you are selling it then 1K isn't unreasonable.  you wouldn't get that as a trade in a guitar store so keep that in mind. 
Thanks! I guess I'll keep trying then. Most offers have been in the 5-700 range even selling it direct. Not sure what the issue is, but I'll keep at it.