Hey Everyone I been experimenting a lot with My Boss ME 80. I am trying to get a decent preset for Korn sound/Nu Metal/Industrial metal . I have heard different things from different people. Some People say to jack the gain up all the way cut the mids and jack the base and tremble. Does Anyone Use effects boards and know what to do?
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Yeh they use the 7 strings. I don't have one. I'm pretty sure a 6 string would for it too. There's not much they use the 7th string that often.
are you playing into an amp or in a band? dumping your mids will kill the guitar sound in a live situation. 
They use the 7th string a ton.........but mostly just the two bottom strings. LOL Their sounds is very low, a bit muddy, and saggy, which is basically a dual/triple  recto sound.  I'm pretty sure the ME-80 has some sort of a recto or "Modern" sim which is typically recto.   I used to own an ME-50 like 10 years ago so my memory is a bit fuzzy.  Try that and maybe tune down a bit although I'm not sure about tunning to B, you might need some crazy thick stings. 
A big part of their tone comes from their amps, and their guitars of course too, but their amps are a huge part of it.

I've never used a Boss me80. But the closest i've gotten to a Korn sound was through my Bugera Tri rec and an over drive pedal to tighten up the low strings. I normally don't try to scoop out too many of the mids, because it sounds terrible that way. and I know it might seem weird, but with heavy music, it's better to try and run as little as gain as possible, not a clean tone of course, but distort the sound enough to where its heavy, but don't go over board either or it just sounds like mushy fuzz. You need clarity so keep the gain at medium low, and don't add a ton of bass either. Eq-ing for a super drop tuned guitar is a lot different that eqing for standard tuning.

 I think they tune to A flat, or something like that. So a 7 string is probably better and easier to down tune that low.
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Korn has always ran ADGCFAD, and until recently (Head switched to Orange) have used Mesa Triple Recs.

Something with decent gain and somewhat muddy works great.
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