Hey y'all! I'm a first timer so bear with me here. Im looking for a pedal like the DigiTech 'Drop' or 'Whammy DT' that shifts my tuning UP NOT DOWN. I have a 'Whammy DT' and it will do this, but I was hoping there was a stand alone unit that does this without the expression pedal and the large bulky shape.
I run an Ibanez SRC6 (which is like a guitar/bass hybrid instrument) into and AB/Y switch to a Bass and Guitar amp simultaneously. On the guitar side I run into the 'Whammy DT' and shift the tuning up an octave into the guitar range so it sounds like a guitar. The two sides together sound like a guitar and bass playing in harmony. I think it's pretty cool and unique.

So with that said... Is there a pedal that shifts tuning UP without a harmony that you guys know of? This info would be greatly appreciated. I'm on the quest if you haven't figured it out yet.