So previously in my band I was playing a Sunn 200s. 60 watts at 16ohms. Playing through two 8ohm Eminence Delta 15A speakers in series. It was decently loud. Easily enough to keep up with the one guitarist in our band at the time. However recently we added another one and I decided to purchase an Ampeg V4B as the previous amp wasn't cutting it. I had to rewire the cabinet to be in parallel as opposed to in series as the Ampeg doesn't have a 16 ohm output (it does have a 4ohm)

So I do that, and now it sounds terrible. It's not nearly loud enough, and if I turn the amp up too much it's very distorted. I know it's not the amp because it sounds great on my friend's bass cab. I've checked with the multimeter and the speakers' impedence does come out as 4ohms. I'm fairly certain the speakers aren't blown, though I guess it's possible. Are there any other possibilities?
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Are there any other possibilities?

Of course -- there's the possibility that you wired the cabinet wrong.

I'm not familiar enough with either amp -- how many and what kind of power tubes are in the Ampeg, and how many and what kind of power tubes are in the 200s? Seems to me there's not a lot of difference between the two.
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Both have 4 6L6s as far as I know.

I'm not ruling out that it was wired improperly. I'm just not sure what I could have done wrong.