I am interested in your opinions about Paramore´s album After laughter, which was released sooner this year. I like this album a lot, but I met with many people, who don´t, mainly because it has a different "retro" sound and not many electric guitar parts as in the past. Do you agree or not? 
According to me, this album is really entertaining, the sound is great. Parts of all instruments are not the hardest ones, but it fits together and as a whole it causes very strong to me.
Do you like official videoclips to songs from this album? They also looks like in "retro" style, aren´t they?
Generally, I like their new album! After hearing "Hard Times" I figured there was going to be a bit of a Blondie thing perhaps going on with their sound. It's a different kind of production, and I can appreciate the sense of exploration with their style, pushing some of the modern pop production a little further than what they did with the self-titled record that came before, but I personally found After Laughter to be kind of mellow for me. 

I felt that there weren't enough high-energy songs to balance out the smoother, less edgy songs. 

Don't get me wrong, though. There are plenty of songs I really enjoy from the album. "Rose Colored Boy," "Forgiveness," and "Tell Me How" are my favorites and definitely deserve to have live on the set lists of future tours, but as a record as a whole it doesn't rate the highest for me. I felt the previous album was a lot tighter and had a BETTER balance between their punk rock roots and their pop sensibilities.