I have a mim strat I took to my tech for a set up however I didn't give him the trem bar with it, didn't think I needed to. When I got the guitar back I tried it out and the set up was fine, but when I finally got home and put the trem bar back in it I noticed it was very unresponsive unless I put a lot of force into it, which obviously I didn't continue to do as I figure that it might damage my guitar

I'm not sure if there's anything he tightened that made it this unresponsive but it was perfectly fine before I took it there. I have four springs on the back, two on the left two on the right leaving the middle open. Any adjustment that I can make to fix this? 
You can remove a spring, (and re-setup the bridge) for a lighter trem bar. If you're on standard E and 9 strings, 4 springs are hardly necessary.
I bet he tightened the 6 screws on the front. Loosen the middle 4 a lot and then back off the outer two until the trem works smoothly. Then tighten the middle 4 just until they're snug.
you paid for a decent setup, take it back to him and have him fix it.  thats a bunch of crap.