Hey Im going to buy new acoustic electric guitar but i cant decide i tried it on store still cant decide.
One of them is Seagull S6 Original Burnt Umber QIT
And the other one is Takamine GJ72CE can you help mee
AFAIK, all of the Seagull "S-6 Originals", have cedar tops. I know Tak has some cedar tops as well, but I have no idea whether  the top on the one you've listed is cedar or spruce. Cedar and spruce sound somewhat different, and it would behoove you to listen to both, to determine which is right for you. (That's in addition to what Tony has said). It would be an easy choice for me, as the Seagull model is available left handed. For you, not playing "backwards", apparently has its disadvantages!

As much as I can say for the choices offered, is that I've never heard anybody who has owned S-6's, say much other than really nice things about them.
I've owned both brands and I am sure you will be very pleased either way. Godin guitars (seagull) are the only ones I've tried that have given me the same sound and feel as my old Takamine. Kudos to them. 

I think the Seagull would be less expensive no? Also, if the Seagull is made in QC Canada and the Takamine is not made in Japan, I say go with the Godin.  The rest depends on your own feel for the shape, neck and sound.

happy shopping.
I have a Seagull Entourage Rustic (dred) model and it's a nicely build guitar. I especially like the solid ceder top paired with a shorter 24.8 scale. Between the two mentioned in OP and checking them out over at the Sweetwater site.... I would go Tak' ... the spec's on that are (imo) pretty cool for an Acoustic electric.... jumbo, cutaway , spruce top, maple sides....