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ButterScotch Blonde
0 0%
Surf Blue Green
1 33%
Both are sex
2 67%
Voters: 3.
New cheapest teles from squier? Any one have tried? I do own Affinity with String thru tele but FSR Bullet looks cool too. Not really avaiable in EU. Anyone ?



The Sruf Blue-Green makes me wanna play for girls on the beach during sunny days.

I have gas on these cheap violinsss
The Bullet has been around for decades, these are just a different color. The quality tends to be bad, and of course the parts are all as cheap as possible. I'd suggest looking for a used Deluxe or Vintage Vibe Squier instead. 
I have found that they're actually decent guitars for how cheap they are. Not saying they are good overall, but they're not so bad that your ability will be inhibited at all as you're learning. Just 15 years ago a $150 guitar would be no where near this high quality. It's pretty great how far cheap instruments have come in that way.