So, I'm doing some research on electronic drum kits. While I'm personally interested in something for my own use on the side, my kids seem to love banging the hell out of this cheap-ass Fisher-Price POS. As one of my brothers started drumming in school, I'd like to keep peace with the neighbors as well, so e-drums seem like a good solution. That said, I'm an idiot in this field. I like the Roland TDK-25, but with a 5 year old, I"m not sure I'm willing to fork over for that. My Google-Fu says the Alesis Nitro is a good bet, but since I'm looking around, I'm interested in the UG thoughts.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
Check out a brand called alessis. They have some great drums at good prices.
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I picked up the Alessis Nitro kit from a local music store last year, because my acoustic kit is just too big to keep set up i the house. I have really been enjoying playing, and the sound quality is pretty good for being an inexpensive kit. The only change/upgrade I did to the kit, was replacing the Alessis bass drum pad with a larger one made by Simmons. The stock bass drum pad worked fine, and sounded great. But it was a bit too small to work properly with my double bass pedal.