a lull so alluring
I was practically swooning
as her ashes dance around our shoes

a second of tuning
up for the moonlight

in between the smoke and the darkness

I fumble and stutter
love handles like butter
we trip in the gutter
but she stands us up 

the raconteur's racing
to see us adjacing
but the shadows will save us
radio dark invaders

in between the smoke and the darkness
she'll let you in

I flick back her hair
all fingers and thumbs...

in between the smoke and the darkness
out back or in the queues
she'll be after you
I like the word play; it's a very catchy read.
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Understood- I waste money on amps*, too.

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Aye, the word play and command of language are refreshing. I'm just at a loss for finding a deeper meaning, which is what this piece seems to lack. That's my fault.
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