Hi guys, so ive been spraying a kit guitar surft green and came to start wet sanding today and unfortunatly on some of the edges where I thought there was plenty of paint its gone through to the primer I wasnt pressing hard just lightly and there I saw it, such a shame as i made the top almost like glass! Does this mean I have to do the whole thing again? Or is it possible if i buy some more spray to touch it up or will it look a mess?
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take some acetone and a q-tip and blend the paint over the areas that you sanded through.  would love to see it when its finished!  surf green is nice!
Ive not got any clear coat on it yet but not sure weather to sand it down to primer again to spray it surf green? Am very new to spraying so really unsure :/
heaven086 can you just put another layer of surf green?  i would see no ready why you would need to sand it down to the primer again

are you able to post a picture of it?  i just wanna see your guitar.
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Im just following some advice I found online. Was told once nitro base coat is on leave it to harden for a week. Then clear coat and leave it again for another week before wet sanding.. but yeah nitro laquer does have a melting phase, my clear coat will melt to my colour and then harden so then i can wet sand.
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heaven086 keep following the advice. lacquer melts into the previous layer thus sanding between layers is silly. You let that cure for 7 days so it gets hard then you use fine sandpaper to remove imperfections and prepare a surface for the clearcoat. Good luck