Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby
Type - bass
Part - Whole Song
Tuning - Standard

There exist two different versions of this song, and I'd like to request the original one (it's a bit slower and more relaxed than the later one) from 1944, which you can find in the video linked below.

I've already requested this song as a guitar pro version (not completed yet), but a bass version is also still missing in the database.
So requesting a bass version might be a good next step now, a) to help future guitar pro tabbers and b) in the meantime to help bass players to at least already learn the song without listening options and such.
The detailed song infos (e.g. a video link) are listed in the original Guitar Pro Request - please click here to get aware of them:

If you'd also like to see this song in the UG databse, please upvote this request.
And in this case, I suppose that it will also be in your interest, that also the Guitar Pro request will not disappear from the request list. Therefore, please upvote the Guitar Pro request, too (link above).
Had a look at this and to be quite honest it's a bit of a mine field with several version's some slow. some faster, most are in different keys to each other.  Some you can hear the up-right bass some you can't.  I will pass but a keen up-right bass player might nail it, so I say....Good Luck!!!