Hi guys,

Has anyone got any tips on eliminating ground loop hum/crackles?

Im going through a Fender aby pedal to a line 6 spider 60w guitar amp, and then to a 150 bass amp, not 100% sure on brand of bass amp as its not mine but I can find out. From the aby to the bass i also go through an octave pedal for the bass. This really does sound amazing when it works but for some strange reason when changing amp effects we get ground loop hum and its so annoying! Sometimes if i do one amp at a time then bring the other one into power it can help but not all the time... any tips? Ive looked into getting the radial hotshot thats got a ground lift on it but dont have the cash for that yet so any tips with my cheaper fender aby would be appreciated
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Crackling is usually due to bad amp tubes.

Ground loops (hum) can be reduced by isolated effect power supplies and ABY units that have ground lift features.